Season starts next week and I'm feeling optimistic

We need to move on from Jack and look for the positives. You'll be surprised because I think there are a few and the obvious is that we have to play as a team and I think we're looking stronger today than we did at the end of last season with Jack.

Yes, he's a great player and can make things happen, but we can't rely on one player. It's a team game and the team is what matters. And our team is looking good.

So we should take a look at what's happened in between Jack deciding he wanted to leave and him leaving.

First, we signed Emiliano Buendía from Norwich and he is well thought of. Hands up, I didn't remember him and know very little, but he's from Argentina and everything I've read is positive. Bottom line, he works hard and he knows where the goal is and he's not selfish. I know this, because I was told this.

Ashley Young is also back at the Club. I always liked him and as you can see, I'm not using the nickname I gave him. Someone commented on it, I think they might have even emailed and you know what, they're right. We all make silly mistakes when we're younger, hat tip to Jack, but they should be forgotten.

Ashley Young still has a lot to offer in many departments and you don't get many better team players.

But it doesn't stop here. We also signed Leon Bailey from Bayer Leverkusen and according to everyone I've spoken to and everything I've read, he's not just a step up on El Ghazi, he's a player ready for the big time. Someone I spoke to told me that the two best wingers in Germany last season are now in England and he was referring to Bailey and Sancho. It is high praise.

But the signing of the summer so far for me is Danny Ings and not just because it was the best kept secret, but because he's proven and he is about to peak. And bottom line, in the same way players and managers talk about the next game, it's this season for me and I want to see something happen this season that makes us believe.

And always the optimist, I think it can. We have the best keeper in the League and a back four that only conceded 46 goals last season and it will get better this season. We've got so many options in midfield and up front that I think the biggest headache is going to be keeping players happy.

As long as we stick with a formation and an approach, we're in a very good place. It's not about changing those things, it's about changing the players and we have so many now there can not be any excuses. I think we're ready and I think we should expect nine out of nine in August.

I don't normally do this, but I'm going to make my prediction right now and I think we'll finish seventh. I was going to say top eight but the truth is, that was me just covering bases. I think we can get seventh and I think that would be a massive success for us. We could also do better, but now I have a number to map my graph to next season.

Your prediction below and I'm going to find a sponsor for a season long competition so stay tuned.