Sell to buy is making it difficult for Lambert but Gabby is happy

This sell to buy policy in place at Aston Villa is making things difficult for Paul Lambert and with net spend since Lerner took over now at something like £70mn it means we can't get Ron Vlaar in - a player it is fair to assume Paul Lambert identified and wanted.

For some reason the deal isn't getting done and the player himself has said it doesn't look like happening. I'm not sure if it is the buy to sell policy or wages, but I'd suspect it's because we can't offload one of Richard Dunne or James Collins.

And while it looks like the manager wants Vlaar, his role is manager and in fairness, Collins and Dunne have played some decent football at the club, so it should be his job to get them doing that again and giving it a proper go, rather than just replacing with players he thinks he can get that out of.

It isn't the nicest way to look at things, but you have to look for something positive and I doubt it's a 100% sell to buy policy. What I mean is, he probably has money for specific positions, but when you have so many central defenders, you have to sort of accept that there probably is a sell to buy policy in that department.

But there is news that every Aston Villa fan wanted to hear today. Gabby is happy at Villa.

Gabby happy at Aston Villa

Gabby Agbonlahor
When you’ve played with a manager before, especially one as good as Martin O’Neill, then you are going to be linked with him.But it’s just pure speculation. I can assure Villa fans I haven’t heard anything about it and I’m happy here.

Last match of US tour

And with that, the last match of the US tour is tonight and there is a good write up of the opposition here. Hands up, I've not taken much notice of this tour, but I don't think that many are that bothered, there has been plenty written about it elsewhere.

And on that, I'm off for a bit. Going to sit and watch people walk by and read the papers before heading off to keep the kids busy.