She's like the wind, not me. Three points is just that

Saturday was good and three points was fantastic news, but I have to write this post and I have to be critical, if only because I have seen some arguments for how bad we really are, because we only beat Bolton 2-1 and I actually do find it hard to disagree.

Bolton are bottom of the table for a reason and while the win is all that matters, there are still bigger problems at the club right now and we have Liverpool, Arsenal and Stoke coming up, before Chelsea.

Yes, the win is great, but nothing much really changed. We are still ninth and we are still closer to the relegation zone than we are to European football.

I guess you could say I'm writing this because I need to write down that nothing has really changed and while it was great to get the win, we are still on course for a very very tough season and the outlook isn't great.

Sure, we could have scored more but they could have got one or two more too had the ball dropped differently or Brad didn't make a save, so on reflection, just because we only beat Bolton 2-1 doesn't matter and it shouldn't. I've written more times than I care to remember about happily taking a boring 1-0 win and I stand by that.

I'm not predicting, you can

But the next four matches are a real test. We are playing for 12 points and if we get them, I'll be mightily impressed. If we got 10, or even nine, I think I would be too. Three or below and I think we all know what the reaction will be like - which is why this Sunday is a big one.

So, with twelve points to play for, here is the question; how many do you think we will get and will Alex McLeish be the manager come Chelsea?