Sinclair, other information we don't see, Delph and Gil

I've not posted this week and I feel good about it too. I wanted to post on Sunday and Monday about Delph and Gil but I had read everything that I wanted to write so it felt like I was going to share an opinion that was widely shared and fairly pointless.

Today isn't that different, I'm still very happy about Delph signing an extension and his words were absolutely lovely to hear. And the goal from Gil, was simply special. It was a goal that makes you believe. And with the deal for Scott Sinclair looking like it's going to be confirmed any minute, there is reason to be optimistic.

But we all know about the optimism trap and how it can pull you in and make you believe things that are not real. It's like an old episode of Star Trek where they are pulled into a worm hole or something like that, it's not a nice place.

But and this is the point, regardless of that, it makes you feel good and sometimes, for a few minutes, it's nice to feel positive. And the CEO is saying the right things again. He even used the phrase actions speak louder than words. It's a trap, but at the same time, I don't mind getting tied up sometimes and if you haven't tried, it maybe you should and maybe you'd like it too.

And it starts with the foundations

And I know I'm banging the drum on this, but the CEO even mentioned it in his video interview on the BBC website about how the manager has changed the style of football part way through this season.

The passing game is the way forward. If we have the ball they can't score and all we have to work on then is creating the chances. It's the future and finally the manager seems to be working on it. He tried in his first season and he changed it, but now, hopefully he will stick to it.

I don't agree with the CEO on everything he has to say. I accept he has insights that we don't, but football is about results. You can have these data points that you want to improve and you measure them against the results and performances, but you can't get away from the results.

I hope they get better and finally with a CEO that is looking at the bigger picture, that might come, but it is results that fundamentally matter and sadly not all that other information that he has and we don't.

Arsenal at the weekend

And with Arsenal at the weekend, if and it's a big if, we get a result, things could go mental. Imagine the optimism if we got three points? I'm looking forward to it, because everything is possible, but the sad truth is that with all the support the manager has had this transfer window and possibly more to come, he's going to get much more time and ironically, that's not a bad thing.

But if things do not get much better by the end of the season, regardless of the words, the CEO Is probably right; supporters will want to see actions and in football, there are not many more that will be available to him.