Some statistics, some perspective and some Everton tomorrow

So far this season we've picked up 39% of the points that we could have picked up. If we assume that you need 41 points to stay up (which is a high number but what we finished on last season in 15th place) then we need to take 31% of the points available to us for the remainder of the season.

I think it fair to say that Lerner will take this into consideration when bringing in new players today and probably why we've only brought in players on loan until the end of the season.

It was probably a factor at the start of January also because at that stage we had picked up 38% of the points available to us and needed 39% of the points remaining. At the start of January, we were on target for staying up.

But to put that into perspective, Cardiff need 51% of the remaining points available to them and West Ham and Fulham need 49% of the remaining points available to them to stay up. Again, I used 41 points as the number, just to highlight how safe we are.

My point is, this is what makes it unlikely that we're going to be bringing in any players today unless they are on loan until the end of the season. It's also why there was no real urgency and why Lerner is happy, just as long as we stay in the Premier League.


It's also why I hope that common sense has surfaced and why we wont be going after Hoolahan. My real hope is that someone has told Lambert he's not going to move those numbers where we need them to be moving too.

Today, Liverpool have taken 67% of the points available to them so far this season and they're currently fighting for fourth place. That's where we need to be aiming and Hoolahan isn't going to help with that.

Those numbers above are also reason why we don't need to be clambering for a 32 year old player at the end of their career with little Premier League experience or quality. It's also why today will probably be more interesting watching what other teams get up to.

But, it is nice to see that Lambert has caught up with supporters and recognises that we need a couple of midfielders that can play a certain role. That I suspect will have to come in the summer, but it would be nice to believe that they've already identified who those players are.

Up until 11pm

So, this isn't me saying it wont happen, it's just me saying that if it did, I'd be very surprised. Although a loan could always happen, but that will take a lot of work and I'd like to think that the manager is focusing on the Everton match tomorrow and not bringing in someone that we don't actually need.

But, it is going to be interesting and I do think we'll see movement at other teams, but most of the business will be done by now. Any predictions for tomorrow?