Sorry Luke and Bob and come on Kevin and Randy

Luke sent in a post earlier, about yesterday and I even wrote a post about yesterday, but I scrapped both. I then wrote a post about not wanting Bob Bradley and why Kevin MacDonald doesn't want the job and I'm going to touch on those reasons, but I scrapped that post too.

I scrapped the posts about yesterday, because it was yesterday and no matter what we say or write it isn't going to change anything and me saying how Big Brad is maybe playing a season too long and that instead of taking off Albrighton we should have used what he has differently, it doesn't matter.

It also doesn't matter what the players say today, they will say the right things. It doesn't matter what General PR says and while I've not seen anything, I know what it is.

What does matter, is the club communicating. Martin O'Neill left his job five days before the season started and we have now played two league matches and a European tie.

Why not Bob Bradley

I think it will be Bob Bradley after he came out at the weekend the way he did on Five Live. It was a choreographed interview and his responses were absolutely perfect. Too perfect almost, but it is the American way.

It shouldn't be him because we would be going back to day one under Lerner and it wouldn't be showing ambition. It would be telling us what many are starting to suspect and what some already think.

I hope it doesn't happen and I hope we see real ambition with the next appointment, because we desperately need to strengthen and we desperately need to see that our owner wants success too.

Why it won't be Kevin MacDonald

Imagine you have worked the last fifteen years in middle management for the same company. You either have your eye on the top job or you don't and if the opportunity comes about to have the top job you either grab it or you don't. If you are put 100% in the frame for it, you are not going to dither.

I might be wrong, but I now don't think that Kevin MacDonald actually wants the job or he was told from the absolute beginning that he wasn't in the running.

I'm on record for wanting him to have his chance, but only if if he wanted it and that is what it comes down to for me.

If he really wanted the job, we would have known by now that he really wanted it and you know what, that confidence you must have, to make people know you want it and you are ready for it, is something a Premier League manager needs.

The dogs from Vienna

Right, I'm leaving that alone now because the ball is very firmly in the court of the club and they need to start communicating with us at the same time as not appointing Bob Bradley.

Sorry Bob, as I think you will be a very good manager one day and maybe Lerner will regret it, but you have to get your feet wet somewhere else and not at Premier League level because of a semi-successful World Cup where you won one game.

So, instead of that, we turn to the Europa LDV League, called that by me because when lined up against the Champions League, in terms of money, it really is like the LDV Cup and not worth all the hassle.

We have the dogs from Vienna coming and I think, given their treatment of our players last week, they need to feel what that is like.

So, sing loud and drown the dogs out. They deserve it and more.