Spanked by Manchester City, the manager has a job to do and Brighton this weekend

I did write a post about the Manchester City match, but it was one of those that I figured was best not published after I read it back. There was nothing positive about it and it served no real purpose other than publishing a post and winding myself up. Everyone connected with Aston Villa knows that Sunday was embarrassing.

And nobody needed me writing about why, it was clear to see for everyone. But I can't help myself, I've got to ask why?

We've got some good players, so why is this happening? I mean, I seem to remember us looking good much earlier this season and even though I find it hard to remember when we bossed a game, I'm confident it has happened, but I don't remember.

And you all know my views on the most important person at the Club and I worry for our manager. I don't want him to go, but it does feel like we're heading in that direction, for the sake of Premier League football. I write that because it is where owners want to be and if they see the potential for that not happening, they know that the right chance can fix it.

But they also know that it has to be at the right time, it's now change for the sake of change.

And when I say we are heading in that direction, it's because things haven't started to work. We're in the relegation zone and we're not playing good football. All this talk of new players isn't going to help us either if the foundations aren't good. The manager has to get it right with the players he has, so others come in form part of a system and way of playing.

Wolves and Sheffield United don't have better squads than us. But they approach and play the right way and everyone knows what they have to do. It's where we need to get to and quickly.

And someone else has to be asking this. It can't just be me that is worried. And this weekend is big. If we lose at Brighton there will be calls for the manager to go. So everyone has to get on the same page and everyone has to know what is needed. Brighton wont be easy and we need to start seeing some structure to our play.

And yes, this is easy to write, but we all expected better. And I have faith that it will come good and I also believe next season will be better. But it has to get better first otherwise next season will just be a struggle and none of us want that.