Spanking the clowns, video and Forest on Wednesday

It would be easy to take aim at the clowns and have some fun, but you all know I'm above that, so I'll not. I will just say that it must be quite hard supporting them, so really we should be praising them. I mean to have to go through what they go through, season after season, generation after generation. It can't be easy.

So we shouldn't and I wont. Instead, we should look at ourselves and things right now feel and look very good. And it's rare that we can put those two things together.

Not only has Dean Smith seemingly got us playing a brand of football that we've not seen in a very long time, he's got everyone smiling. And when you've got those two things happening, it's usually a positive outcome. And when you think, we're only 18 games in and three wins from top, it makes you think anything is possible.

And it's that things are happening everywhere on the pitch that is the most interesting for me. I thought we'd miss John McGinn on Sunday but it turns out Alan Hutton is more than capable of ripping in two the Birmingham City midfield. And even Jack Grealish is heading in goals.

We're seeing players push themselves and not just do enough to get by. And there appears to be a little more energy. And finally it feels as if there is a preferred eleven. Or there will be very soon. It's nice that the manager has his team and he plays them. He trusts them.

And when the players finally settle down, we look good. When those little mistakes are not made and we're not conceding, I think it's fair to say we're always going to score. If this is the impact after a few weeks, where are we going to be in January?

The match

Forest tomorrow

But before Forest I have to write that it's important we don't get carried away. There is something called new manager syndrome and it exists for a reason. It was also on Birmingham City and we were always going to win.

It's the matches like this one tomorrow that are important. And by important I mean, we can't make as many silly mistakes and we have to not let them have as many chances. But it wont all happen at once. And Forest are better than Birmingham City, so we have to be prepared.

So that written, I'll be back tomorrow. I'm still smiling from Sunday and finally, a question; on that performance who should get man of the match? For me, it's too hard to name one player.