Spankulation, award winning Aston Villa and West Brom

It feels like I've slept for a week and after just waking and looking for some food, I didn't find any. Okay, I found some and I'll summarise it below, but a lot of it was the same.

But we have a match in less than a week and it's a big one. Possibly the biggest this season if you look at it a certain way, but for some, it's not necessarily winning next Monday but about finishing above them at the end of the season.

For me, it's about winning on Monday and then finishing above them. I want the best of both worlds even if I don't want to be on either of them.

But that is enough for now about West Brom, although if I can find it there will be a video at the bottom of this post for them. Now we've got the news ... in sixty seconds.

Aston Villa news

We just cant get away from this one I'm afraid, but The Villa News & Record has been voted Programme of the Month by the Northern Programme Club. How impressive is that?

There are clear signs that Aston Villa could be on the verge of something special as their long-established programme propels itself back among the best in the business this season.

I'm not having a wind up here. I know one day we hope to be challenging for silverware or having an owner with real drive and ambition, but all that aside for a moment, we've won this award for our programme and we should take a moment to congratulate the club on this. It might be the only thing we win this season and if nothing else, we should mark this month in our diary and celebrate it.

In other news, Benteke hurt his knee and had to miss training on Sunday. I know you'd have liked this posted almost instantly after it happened, but I'm not sure it is anything other than a sore knee that will be fine for next Monday. The club don't seem that bothered by it and it seems to have left the news already, so fingers crossed all is good.

Spank your speculation time

Right, before I go hunting for that video, it appears the press and media have gone a bit mad of late with speculation surrounding Aston Villa. I know why this is; no football equals a downturn in traffic, so what better way to increase it than make up some stories.

Top of that list is why Benteke would be a great fit for Spurs, or Arsenal or even any other side you want to think of, but there are also a host of stories linking us to players too.

And I know I seem to be in a place where I sometimes talk speculation and sometimes don't, but I'm making it clear now on when this site will link to rumours and it's simple; when there is something that feels almost credible, not just a random post on one of the national papers.

But, I've got a feeling that Benteke will be off in January. It's not based on anything other than we know he wanted off in the summer and he was convinced to stay for whatever reason, but I just suspect something will happen, so we might start a Benteke Watch column and see what happens.

I just think he's going to the World Cup and there is a good chance he will do well and if that happens his value could increase. I think someone is going to want to buy into him now. I'm probably going to be wrong and he'll score twenty for us this season, but I think if there is one player leaving any time soon, that we'd all like to stay, it will be him.

Video of the day

I couldn't find the one I was looking for but this is an old classic. Enjoy.