Spurs clinch fourth and hope for third, Man City bottle it again, Aston Villa want a performance from West Ham and Liverpool are desperate for new owners

What has happened this season that you didn't expect? For me it is seeing Liverpool drop out of the top four as I really didn't think they would after last season.

It was always going to happen to one side but I thought it was going to happen to Arsenal and I half expected that the Arsenal fans would have blamed Wenger for not spending some of the money he apparently has available to him.

Liverpool need to be sold this summer

After the season Liverpool had last time out, I fancied they were going to challenge but it turns out the two American owners they have, have destroyed everything inside the club that made Liverpool Liverpool and now they need to get rid of them to make it right. The sickening thing is, despite almost destroying the club, both will still make a fortune when they do manage to sell it.

If Liverpool do not sell this summer however, I fancy Torres will definitely be off and I wouldn't be surprised if Gerrard did the off also and all that money coming into the club from those two is going to service the debt, give the Americans something, because the Americans have to have something and then leave very little for whoever the manager is. I think then, Liverpool will struggle next season.

However, I fancy Liverpool will find a buyer and I fancy next season the top four will be the traditional top four again.

Spurs hope for third

Well done to Spurs though. Finishing fourth is a real achievement and they must be walking tall today and I don't blame them. A word of caution though, not that they really need telling, but getting in is the easy part, it is staying in the top four that is hard. If they can stay in the top four next season it will be much much harder to get in and if Liverpool get new owners it will be even harder for them.

Spurs can clinch third on Sunday too if Arsenal lose to Fulham and they beat Burnley and if they can have hope for that, we can also have hope that Manchester City lose at West Ham and we finish fifth.

New manager for Manchester City

I like Mancini but I'm now not convinced he is the manager to take Manchester City to the next level. He has done a fine job since taking over from Mark Hughes and with the summer in front of him and all the money in the world to build his side, there is every chance he will do it next season, I just think he is too Italian for this league.

I watched the game last night and they came at Spurs and they were unfortunate not to be leading at half time, but at the same time, Spurs were also unfortunate not to have had a gaol but I think it comes down to the manager and his mentality. He is very Italian and I'm not convinced the Italian way of football is going to do it in this league, but that is just an opinion, but one I think can help us on Sunday.

Supporting the claret and blue on Sunday

I want West Ham, Burnley and us to win on Sunday. I want Burnley to win, just because third would be too big a thing for Spurs fans and I know one that will talk about it all summer. I'm happy they got fourth, I really am, but third would be too much and it can't happen.

I really do dislike West Ham, but I want them to win also, because we need to finish fifth if we are to progress - nothing to do with what stage we enter the Europa LDV League.

I want to emphasise that point, because the manager has already told us he is playing the kids in the Europa LDV League - so there is no real incentive for the players and if anything, the younger players will get more experience the earlier we enter the competition. We need to finish fifth to progress.

Sixth is standing still and while there is also a chance we could lose and Liverpool will win at Hull - I can't see both things happening, mostly because we are at home and they are away. So, we want West Ham to win also - that would be the best thing to happen on Sunday.

West Ham winning would be the best thing, because I am sure we are going to win, but it is out of our hands. So, as it is out of our hands, we will do the match preview on Saturday and just hope for a good game of football in the sun.

And apologies that this turned into something it shouldn't have, but once I got started, it started to happen and then I couldn't delete it.