Steps, fate, games we must win and futurism

That was quite a disappointing night and apart from the pre-match optimism that had us, or most, believing we'd get something out of the game, the truth is none of us are that surprised by what happened.

Maybe I'm a little surprised in the manner in which it happened, but Manchester United went out knowing they had to put the game to bed and that was exactly what they did. That is what they do; they know how to win games.

The thing is, I've been writing of late, not about long ball football or the inability to keep hold of the ball or the fact that it should be played on the ground, but about knowing how to win games. It's a huge step in the right direction.

And when I did the predictor the other day, that had us going into the last game of the season needing to not lose at Wigan, I had us losing 4-1 to Manchester United last night. Maybe because I thought that was how it would play out, with them knowing they had to win and them having the know-how to win games. I'm not saying it was, but well, that was how it turned out.

My point is, it was never about Manchester United and as Paul Lambert said last night, Sunderland is a "must win game".

Fate is no longer in our hands

Now, predicting results is fun, but I'm not a futurist and nobody can predict at that level what will happen, but I think if you were to put ten people in a room and ask them who was going down with Reading and QPR; you'd probably get just as many say us as you would say Wigan.

Someone might even throw in another team and it's possible, but as of right now, we need Wigan to lose games and with our goal difference, it would be nice if it was two or three, just to make sure.

And it starts with Wigan against Spurs at the weekend and we need Spurs to win, but as Paul Lambert said last night, then Sunderland is a must win game.

The manager talks

And in fairness, the manager said more than what I've quoted above, so here goes.

It would have helped if we had not conceded a goal in the first 60 seconds or so. The second goal was just world class and when the third went in you think this could be a long, long night.

The worrying thing was if it became like what happened at Stamford Bridge, and whether psychologically the players who played there would be affected.

But credit to our players in the second half they came out and we had some really good chances. We have proved that especially going forward we are a threat.

To keep playing the way they are, I couldn't really fault them - they were up against one of the best teams in European football.

Now, time for breakfast.