Winter is here, Steve Bruce and video of the day

You know, when the owner came in he said something about three years and we'd be playing Champions League football. Now I believe he's changed that to five to ten years. He said so much more and much of it is now deleted. He's also openly engaging with Stan Collymore. I know many wont understand this, but the owner can't be abusing former managers and engaging with people that beat up women.

Our owner is a clown and I know some don't like me saying that, but he is. Always has been and while he remains on Twitter or any other social network acting like a clown, he'll remain so. And he has no idea about football. If he did he'd have known you don't make this many changes and expect to go up. He'd also have known that Steve Bruce has always had to struggle with funds for new players.

The irony is, most supporters will be happy as long as money is spent in the summer because then they get to complain during the season. Me, I'd rather supporters complained in the summer and January because no players were coming in. But that can't happen when you have a clown in control.

Steve Bruce

And that is why Steve Bruce has to be given time and next season and why nobody can be surprised with where we are. We are where we are because that is where we wanted to be. We wanted to be here because we made so many changes in January and last summer.

Steve Bruce has his side now. No more new players should be allowed to come unless they truly are players that are making the starting eleven stronger and if that can be doubted, because hardly anyone has seen them play, then that is all the proof you need.

And if Steve Bruce doesn't start next season by winning every game, he has to be given time. Steve Bruce has to struggle with these players before he can make them his own and the players need to know what it's like to not have any excuses or Tweets from the Club to copy and paste to get those same supporters on side.

Steve Bruce inherited this mess and he has to deal with it. We don't fix this mess, created by disruption and change, by adding to it.

Video of the day