Of all the managers mentioned, it has to be Steve Bruce for Aston Villa

I've been listening to my podcasts this morning and also thinking about a few things, all related to Aston Villa and I figured it was about time to share some opinion. Before I do this, if you're of the opinion that Tim Sherwood should be our next manager, there is little need for you to read on.

I write that because if I can't understand why anyone would want that, then in all likelihood you are not going to understand why I write what I write. You'll also probably not understand why it appears that Steve Bruce is probably the best choice as our next manager, even with the risk it brings. And when I say risk, we have to all accept that whoever the next manager is, it will be a risk but it's also why I wrote back in May that I'd pick Bruce over Di Matteo every day of the week.

And let me begin by saying something perfectly clear to those that don't want Tim Sherwood. We have probably the best and most proven squad in this League, to finish in the top six is more than possible and likely with the right man, but I still believe that finishing in one of the top two places is achievable and I firmly believe that should be the target for the next manager.

And even though I write that Steve Bruce is probably the best man for the job, I do think that there are other options. But when you look at all the possible candidates, you have to rank them or score them based on a number of factors. The fact that Steve Bruce managed The Clowns is something he has to be ranked on, but it's the only thing that he scores low on and a few quick wins will turn that around for many people.

It's about more than the Clowns

At the same time, a few losses and many supporters will turn on him quicker than they would a manager that has never managed The Clowns. But when you look at all the candidates and you score them on the key metrics, they all score lower than Bruce even when you weight that he's managed The Clowns quite heavily.

The bottom line is that other managers don't score as high as him in the important areas. And when you circle back to the squad we have, it's fair to say that the important factors in appointing the next manager has to be experience in this League and a track record of getting Clubs out of this League.

I'm not saying it has to be Bruce. I've not done any real research into what other candidates are available, but if our ambition is to get out of this League this season, he is, of the names mentioned so far, the best candidate. Even though he's managed The Clowns and looks a weekend binge away from a heart attack.

But if the CEO and owner have done their research, they'll know this. They'll also now know that they don't just throw money at a manager and that a manager should have to prove himself first. Steve Bruce will look at this squad and be more than happy with it. He might want one more in January and I think that has to be given to any new manager, but he's got to prove himself before making wholesale changes.

The Club also have a role to play and they have to sack Gabby and Richards. But this falls on deaf ears and that they don't understand is a worry. But again, this has been written more times that I care to mention.

Bruce would pick Villa every day of the week over The Clowns

But having to prove themselves should go for any new manager. They have to manage what they have. If they can't do that and they can't develop players, why should we believe that they'll be able to manage new players, just because they picked them?

When they've proven themselves and the next objective is set, they have to demonstrate why we need new players in specific positions. I could go on and on, but I wont. But I will say, based on the appointment of the next manager, we will see the true ambition of the owner by simply reverse scoring the managers on a number of metrics.

But I'll leave this post on something quite simple, for the Tim Sherwood supporters, if they got this far. And it's this; if it is Steve Bruce that is appointed (and if it is, I imagine very soon), then you have to respect the his role and the office of Aston Villa manager. Say what you want about where he has managed before, but if he's given the job, then he has to be given the chance.