Success in Scotland, Everton at the weekend and whoring myself out for £15k

It feels like such a long time since I posted and I don't even feel guilty. I could have copied content from the club site for you or I could really have scraped the barrel and spoken to you like children, telling you something you already knew, but I withheld.

You're all grown up. You don't need me writing something I wrote a few months ago and writing it again, so I didn't. I like to think of this site as the grown up Aston Villa blog, because it's been around for so long and I think most actually know the score, so there really is no need to feed you every day when there really is nothing to feed you.

Instead, I'll feed you with England. There is a game tonight and while I really don't like these matches, because it means nothing to me, it is a game and I'm that desperate, I'm going to watch it. It feels like I've bunked off school and because I'm at home I'm watching Neighbours for the second time, just because there is nothing else.

Everton at the weekend

There is however a match this weekend and it is on Saturday at 3pm and there are not going to be many better times to go to Everton and look for three points. They either start well or they don't and I fancy they've not started well this season.

They lost at home to QPR, which is a tough defeat to swallow and then they beat Blackburn, but every team is going to beat Blackburn until they fire their manager, so that should be expected.

So, I think we should win. Then I look at the manager and think 'away from home' draw. Is that bad of me? It probably is considering what I've written about and how I think Everton are going to struggle this season - although they will have a good second half to the season and will no doubt finish in the top sight again.

But losing to QPR then losing to Wigan next time out but getting a point against us and three against Blackburn will be horrible. Time will tell.

Last speculation until January 1st 2012

Right, if the summer wasn't stupid enough, one paper has today decided to start with the speculation and I'm going to mention it because it will be the last time that I look at made up stories for the rest of this year. I've got no problem commenting on it, I probably will, but I'm not going to spend any time on it in my post.

It's going to be left for other sites - you know the ones, they're in the know and have contacts with the players and owner. We don't and it is all rubbish, much like Steven Davis coming back to Aston Villa. There, that rumour is done and if he does come back, it isn't that I was wrong - it was that the manager is a plank, we have players just like Davis already at the club and success in Scotland, we should all recognise this, means nothing.

Right. I feel cleansed. Football tonight and on Saturday, no more speculation for the rest of the year and now I can concentrate on finding a sponsor for a very special event in June next year. Anyone got £15k to spare to put your name to something really creative?