Summer sale at Aston Villa, Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane and it's claret and blue

What a day yesterday was. I turn around for a second and it starts to get busy. Now, some of this could just be made up, actually I'd say some of this definitely was made up and not because I don't believe the Mirror but because things don't happen on a day like yesterday that often.

And it's not just the usually sale rumour. We've got news of a new assistant for Paul Lambert, speculation around a player or two, the launch of the kit and even something about the World Cup in Qatar.

It's like I fell asleep and woke up a week later. This could be a long post. And to make it simple, the format is going to be heading, what is out there and then a short piece of opinion. I might even continue this as it sounds too good to be true and after ten years of blogging, I'm amazed I've only just figured this out.

Football sales: Aston Villa now available for £150mn

The Mirror, I know, are reporting that Randy Lerner has reduced his asking price by £50mn to get the business done. They know this because Alan Nixon, financial analyst at the Mirror is reporting it. Scrap that, Alan Nixon, according to his page is 'the king of football transfer gossip for the Daily Mirror'.

Look, the truth is, if someone wants something you have you're the boss and you set the price. If you actively go out there and say I want to sell something, all you're doing is saying I want rid and you're in a weak position, especially when you've run that thing into the ground. Not everyone wants a fixer-upper.

But it is reason for concern, hence the post yesterday.

Player speculation

This is going to be short and not just because the king of transfer gossip brought this to us, but because it's Philippe Senderos. Truth is, Lambert might be able to do business but it's not going to be anything special and not a central defender.

We've got too many defenders at the club that Lambert has brought in. Sure, you might say you can never have enough, but he's got a fascination with defenders that might just make this story true, but for the love of everything Aston Villa, somebody slap him around the head if he's even thinking of this.

Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane

And if the stories are true, the person to slap Lambert about a bit could very well be Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane. There is talk that he's about to become his number two.

I'm going to leave it at this, but I'd love Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane, Roy Keane. Only because it's him or me and I'm not confident in my ability under Paul Lambert.

It's claret and blue

And the new kit was showcased yesterday. It's claret and blue. It's nothing new. Let's leave it at that but to summarise, I'd like Roy Keane, I'm worried that things are not happening and it is very definitely silly season.

World Cup 2022

Before I go, a petition to get FIFA to do the right thing. Like that will ever happen. Click here to sign.