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The sun is shining, Bristol tomorrow and PSG owners want to buy a Championship club apparently

What a week. Go into it after winning at the weekend, beat Rotherham with what some might put down as performance of the season and go into the weekend with rumours that Qatar Sports Investments are looking at buying a Championship club and we're mentioned. And Dean Smith wins manager of the month.

That isn't me necessarily saying that I'd want us to be purchased by someone like that. It's entirely possible that if it happened, it could be the final nail in the coffin for me .. if it plays out the way I imagine it playing out.

It's because I'm becoming a grumpy old man. And because what we have now, I quite like. We've not got monsters just throwing money at it, we've got people that seem to enjoy the sport and have a passion for it with a few quid in the bank. By today's standards we have a modern day Doug Ellis. That isn't to say that Qatar Sports Investments don't also have that passion, but if they really did wouldn't it be more fun to buy Accrington Stanley?

But it's just a week supporting Aston Villa.

It's also starting to feel a little different and we really do look unbeatable at the moment. It's almost as if we can move up a gear when needed, but also down. I mean, are we all thinking the same? Five games to go and five points clear of seventh place.

But I shouldn't start to count chickens even if I'm booking flights because there are still those games and we still need to win a few. It starts against Bristol tomorrow and if they win, they will go ahead of us. But we're better right?

Oh, I hope so. But haven't we had the best season in years and if we don't go up, wont we all be looking forward to next season? I will be. I know some will look for reasons to position it as the worst thing that can happen. But if it's not the first season and it is going to happen, it's usually the fourth.

Interview, video and match post tomorrow. I'm thinking about going home early and having a beer. The sun is shining and all is good.

Game of the season?