Tammy stays, Hause signs and other news

Losing isn't nice and I know I wrote that it wouldn't bother me, but it did a little. But we pick ourselves up and go again and I don't mean that to have a go at anyone, I mean it because it's the League that matters this season and with twenty games to go, there is a real chance that we can achieve something special.

That is going to be helped by Abraham staying and while I never really had a doubt all things considered, it's nice to hear that the player has turned down Wolves.

It's also nice that Kortney Hause has signed from Wolves, on loan, until the end of the season. Hands up though, I know little about him as a player, so it's hard for me to comment, but I think it is fair for me to say that we're in need of a little competition in centre back department.

It's likely going to mean players are looking over their shoulder and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. We also have the option to sign Hause on a permanent basis at the end of the season if things work out. This is his chance, so we just have to see if he wants to take it.

At the weekend

So FA Cup defeat mentioned and forgotten quickly and nice news about Tammy and Hause (sounds like a new speaker system), we look ahead to the weekend and Wigan. And I saw somebody write somewhere that this is a must win match and I got to tell you, we shouldn't be thinking like this.

Every game is must win, in the sense that it's what the game is all about, but Dean Smith has been in the job a few weeks and this season was always going to be tough. We can't expect him to magic promotion.

And I know I've written before that I like the Championship (we've not won this many matches in years) but this isn't me saying I don't want us to go up. We're only going to know the real ambitions of the new owners when we are promoted and even though all things point to the positive, there is also nothing wrong with enjoying what is happening around us at the moment.

So Wigan isn't must win, but they are 20th and they have struggled a bit this season. But saying that, Wigan are closer to us (twelve points) than we are to the League leaders (thirteen points) and if we've learnt anything the last couple of seasons, it's that anything can happen in this League.

In other news

Gary Rowett has been sacked at Stoke. He's had the job eight months and Stoke are currently three points behind us. I don't mind making this statement, because I'm a fan of Rowett and this is just me imagining what happened, but I think he went into the boardroom, asked for money and got to no, then just went ape before getting fired.

Or, the Club went to him and told him to spend and he said no, so they've fired him. It's one or the other. It can't be the football, because he's not had enough time. The game is broken.

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