Team of our generation, Fulham matters and three points

It is a massive game tomorrow. Not because it is Fulham, but because we will find out if the manager is any good at brushing off his players and more importantly getting their head in the right place after a defeat.

I think he will be able to do it and playing at home is a huge advantage. Expect Darren Bent to score too - that is my prediction, along with three points.

Team of our generation

Again, you have thirty minutes to tell me if I have missed someone, but this is a tricky position and because we have had players play out wide and in supporting roles, to make up our midfield you'll see names you have already seen before, but that is because these players played here and made an impact.

But it is two tough positions to fill. Every team needs a wide man but sometimes pace isn't everything. Sometimes you want a Paul Merson figure that just has a bit of class about him and he is still available, but maybe you want the youthful pace and trickery of Tony Daley. The choice is yours.

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Fulham matters

As things stand at the moment, three extra points would see us move up quite a few places and the way this season is panning out - you wouldn't be surprised to see that happen if we won tomorrow, which is why it is important.

I am expecting Jean Makoun to play again. Did you know, he made 94 passes when we played Manchester United and 85 were successful. Eighty-five successful passes from one player in one match. He looked very good and composed and it was only his second game. If he gets better again tomorrow against Fulham, I'm started to get a little worried about how good he could become.

I'm also not sure, so maybe someone can confirm, but is Bradley available tomorrow? I know I've read something somewhere, but I'm not sure,although I'm sure it will be interesting to see him alongside Makoun. I have a feeling that Houllier has been very specific with who he brought in this window and I think he knows exactly what he wants to achieve.

Which is why I think Bent is going to score. The lad is a machine. He was built to score goals. Not create them or do much else, simply put the ball in the back of the net. Darren Bent probably sleeps 16 hours a day, longer when there is no football match, because if there isn't a goal to score, he doesn't know what else to do.

Darren Bent will score and Aston Villa will win

You decide to bet or not, but these are the best odds. I'm having a cheeky fiver on it, because that is how I roll. Oh yeah, that is how I roll. I can't believe I just wrote that. I'm in a bad place at the moment. Either it is lack of coffee or I'm getting addicted to Facebook.

Please click here to vote for who you think was the best supporting midfielder / wide man for Aston Villa over the last two decades.