The Birmingham City Foundation, Lescott, Grealish and 2.6% a game

Thankfully, we've got football back this weekend. And it's not that the internationals are not football, but I didn't pick a side and I don't much care for the England team, sorry.

But there have been a few things on the web this week. Lescott has said a lot or actually hasn't. He said one thing about Micah Richards and it's been regurgitated so many times I've got to block his name from showing up on my feeds. I'll unblock it in a few days.

There is also a decision for Jack Grealish to make. Ireland or England. Me, I hope he picks Ireland as there is less chance of him having hie head turned by these so called world class players that play for England. Wow, I need to reign this post back in.

It's all good

It's okay that Lescott says something and then all week we have to read it. I mean, we've not had Aston Villa. And it's okay if Grealish picks England, but I fancy he'll have an allegiance to Ireland as he's played for them at three levels.

And they're all things of interest if you're desperate for Aston Villa news but the really interesting thing will be Sunday when we play at Leicester. I mean, are we going to be happy with a draw at Leicester? I suppose we have to be as long as in the next match, against West Brom at Villa Park, we win.

If we don't get at the very least a point this weekend, we'll not be averaging a point a game this season and I know it will be only five games in, but it's 13% of the season and it's a big number, when you consider that every match is 2.6% of the season.

The clowns

Not if you count the cup games though and very soon, The Clowns come to Villa Park. Remember though, it's their FA Cup final, so let them have some fun in the build up the game, but if anyone gets a little cheeky, put them back in the Championship box. Remember, a clown is a clown.

And that's my post for the day but I've thought of a new project; The Birmingham City Foundation. We could put a picture of a clown on the front-page to make them all happy.