The dust has settled and time for some new contributors to the blog

The dust has settled. Randy Lerner made a nice statement but it was basically telling us what we already knew, in so much he wants to sell the club. There was a lot of speculation around new owners coming in, but that was always too good to be true.

But the Premier League is a global brand and Aston Villa is a sleeping giant. There is potential. I still maintain, even after Randy Lerner has said he wants out, that with the right people at the club for him, there is also still potential. It isn't rocket science.

But he wants out now and who can blame him really. On the upside, I think this will move quite quickly and fingers crossed we don't get a new owner who wants to haggle over price or spend too much time in the details, because that will be a bad sign. Actually, the longer this takes, the more trouble we are going to be in long-term.

Holiday for me

And now that that is done, I've got some breaking news. I'm going to take a holiday this summer. Not a proper holiday, where I'm on a beach in Africa where there is no internet or mobile phone signal, but a holiday in my garden in the sun. I'm thinking in July.

And in July, I'm going to want to put up a post every other day. But I don't want to have to worry about the posts, so I'm basically looking for new writers that may or may not want to continue blogging on Aston Villa.

So, if you have any ideas for themes of posts in the summer, please let me know. Or if you'd like to contribute, contact me on the community pages. Friend me and then email me. It could be fun.

So until we get the next statement, I'm going to finish my work, get some dinner and look for something interesting to read. And apologies about the comments .. they're getting looked at now.