The last time we won, a lot written, taking the game back and it's Friday

A lot has been written this week but not really very much has happened. We're after Scott Sinclair, Matt Lowton is going nowhere in January, Napoli have made an offer for Ron Vlaar and Aston Villa are going to sign Carles Gil.

It turns out that Ron Vlaar is out injured and wont be playing for a few weeks, so I don't think anyone is going to sign him, it's easy to say Matt Lowton is going nowhere and it feels as if the manager has ruined him as a player, Carles Gil is just another name and Scott Sinclair must be worth millions because he's actually played two games for Manchester City this season (according to Wikipedia but that could be Scott just changing the number).

And there was more written and not much has actually happened. But that's why they call this silly season.

A sad reflection

And I quite like silly season because you learn a lot, but not as much as we'll learn on Saturday against Leicester. And this is a little interesting, but also very sad and I don't think you can write this too many times as a football fan, but the last time we won a league game was against Leicester last year, so hopefully we can repeat the result this time.

It's actually quite shocking when you think about it. The last time we won a league game was against the team we're playing next. Think about that for a minute. Also, while thinking about that, you now have to accept that we're stuck with Paul Lambert until the end of the season and that's not because we can't do something, it's that we shouldn't do something and the club have let us down again.

If we were to get a new manager, it would have had to have happened by now and it hasn't. Supporters can force the decision by not turning up when Liverpool come, but sadly enough will because it's Liverpool, to make the club feel like they've got supporters on side. Worse still, if it was Burnley at home, enough would probably go for the club to think they've got the supporters on side. What is really needed if the supporters want to show that they mean business, is that nobody goes.

Aston Villa supporters

A group of supporters need to take the game back and show the world that it is our game, by ignoring a game. And I believe that will happen, but I know it will never be Aston Villa supporters. We'll follow the supporters that do it, but Aston Villa supporters are sadly not leaders.

And because the club haven't sacked him, we're just lucky that Aston Villa supporters wont do the one thing that could get him sacked, because if we changed a manager now, it is possible we could struggle and the impact of a team in free fall right now, five points above the bottom three, is that anything can happen. So we have to hope that our manager continues to get his point a game, because as long as he does that, we'll be okay.

But don't forget, the CEO has told us it doesn't take four seasons. The message is clear; if Paul Lambert doesn't do it this season, he's out and that's from the mouth of the man we all hope can the ability to make a decision.

Post on Leicester tomorrow, for now, I've got to run for breakfast, it's a long day and I've got meetings, flights, proposals and emails to write, but I'm going to leave you with video, to keep things light and it's not very original.

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