The Secret Plan 2.0: Outlandish assumptions based on curated consumption

I often pick titles to posts from whatever I'm listening to on Spotify and you might sometimes see a video or a reference in a post to something that I've just watched. I'm not doing it for any reason other than sometimes, I can see a link in what I'm reading or listening, to what is going on at Aston Villa.

See if you can see the link today - I'm sure someone will, but I have to hold my hands up - my music listening was very random.

The link is often very random too. You see, games usually have rules and the game of football does, but the game of owning a football club does't, much like supporting doesn't either. Sure, there are guidelines and things that must be followed, but after the basics, there isn't much else.

There is no rule to say Randy Lerner cant milk the club for the next few months, maybe another season or two, to get his money back. Doug did it, just not with his money. He'd speculate to accumulate with what the business generated and he was hated for it. We asked for someone to come in and take a risk or two and you know what, we got exactly what we wanted.

But if you're going to play a game, you have to know the rules

The game of supporting is now about accepting that all we've really got is another Doug Ellis and I know I've written that many times before, but I think many are seeing it now. My point is, we will have a few more months, maybe a season or two, of lean thinking then 'bam', it will be like we are competing again and we'll ignore the history books, it will be followed by blind optimism and before you know it we'll be over the hill and it will all start again.

When you want control, get yourself a puppet

So, what have the club done? They've employed Alex McLeish, who everyone knows isn't going to achieve anything, but we were at the tipping point and if we couldn't get the right man, we had to get the wrong man, someone to control and make feel special, but most importantly, someone that you could feed some blarney too and they'd buy it. We got our man. We have a fool.

So that is the update to the secret plan. Randy Lerner owns the club - it is pointless trying to fight that. Everyone knows McLeish is a muppet, yet he was offered the job and still has it despite some of the most predictable and poor football we have seen for years.

But, I have to make a clear statement about my reasoning for coming to this exceptionally wild conclusion (even for me) and that is, it doesn't matter. The club only communicate PR and whatever reasoning I use can be reasoned as wrong and you know what, this is just a blog. Actions and all that.

Wolves at the weekend

They lost last night to a Mickey Mouse outfit from the Championship so they are for the taking. I'm not building this result up for a kick in the teeth, but come on. We should go their, take all they have to offer and some and come home with three points.

They're a wounded animal and yes, they re at their most dangerous, but not for long. Three points is extremely important for lots of reasons and I think we will get it, mostly because I see Wolves going down this season.

More to come, but did you did you get the song that was on Spotify? If memory serves me correct, I've even had the video on here before.