The statement was made and the message relayed. Did you get it?

There is little to write that hasn't been written, in some instances quite a few times, but it is worth noting that if we don't sack Houllier today, we're going to be relegated. That is, apparently, inevitable. Someone even called it a fact yesterday.

It isn't a fact and it isn't inevitable. Actually, the club believe there is more chance of us staying up with Houllier and guess what, yes, you guessed it, I believe them. I believe them, because, get this, they are right and what they've said actually is a fact.

You could call it ironic

I was early in calling for Gordo to be removed as well as the manager just gone. In both instances, it was because the football wasn't developing and in the case of Gordo, because I knew it wasn't going to very early on, but that was something I could see. It was black and white - right in front of me.

But I did get stick. But I was right about Gordo and I was right about the previous manager too. Him walking away like a boxer throwing in the towel before the fight had even begun proved that for me. The football not developing was just what started it all.

So this is where my view differs from others again. You see, I don't think this manager should go. I don't think he should go because I can see how the football is changing and while I don't think the players we have are best suited to it, they are trying to change, which also suggests they are listening to him and actually, trying to do what he wants.

The ones that are not doing what he wants are getting shipped out, or will be shipped out and while I didn't think Houllier was the long term answer or even the right decision when appointed - the club have also recently told us that there is a long term strategy in place, so if he is part of that and time and effort has gone into formulating it, I'm going to accept it and see it out. We should be grateful they didn't use the phrase 'five year plan'.

But I fear the manager will be driven out ten games into next season when he doesn't have 28 points on the board. I fear, even after the club back him again in the summer, which is their way of saying 'we support this manager', some muppets will be calling for his head, which is why I don't think he will ever get a proper chance and why we will never know.

The club have spoken and there is hope

Aston Villa CEO Paul Faulkner
Our best chance of staying up is with Gerard.

What Paul Faulkner said yesterday was perfect. It was also another message to supporters. I've also just noticed this morning that 10% of the comments on the post from yesterday were from one person - spouting absolute drivel I must admit, but also that there were quite a few in support of the manager and quite a few that can see things are changing and that things will be better next season.

The hope is that the club have faith in their convictions and give the manager the proper chance they told him he was going to get. I think they will. This is a new breed of owner and a new breed of CEO. They play the long game and know the consequences of change. They quite possibly factored in this season wasn't going to be the same as last.

So, that is it from me today. I'm not saying the same thing 40 times on a page, I'm saying it once and I think, quite simply and without the need for an 'open letter'.

What happened at the weekend happened. The club have commented on it and the matter is now behind us. I can't wait for Everton and I'm happy for the players that it is an away game.