There is nothing else and bet of the weekend is an Aston Villa home win

I've given my prediction for this weekend already, so I'm not going to go over old ground, because we should win his game, even if accidentally, but anything other than a win, which I fully expect to happen, will not be nice.

You see, there is a growing number of unhappy people and if rumours are to be believed, that we have 3,000 empty seats in the Holte End for the first game of the season tomorrow, that is all the proof the owner should need that he has been listening to the wrong person. I didn't expect, if those rumours are true, for this to happen so soon into the season.

I expected it, for sure, but not the first game. If it happens, it is the clearest signal the owner is likely going to get that that he has to do something and something quite fast.

Randy isn't 'really' the new Doug

Have I told my story about how Randy Lerner is just like Doug Ellis only with more money to loan? If I haven't, I won't go into it again, but that is the growing general perception and while he has done 'nice' things, when you peel them away and look at the details, you see the real reason and that is starting to annoy a few people.

I know I've said this next bit before and it is important to say it again; this isn't me calling for Lerner to leave - we have to embrace Lerner now. He has no real interest in our club apart from financial and as long as he gets his money back, he could just as well sell to chicken farmers and we could very well find ourselves in a horrible place with it all going wrong.

No, this is just a 'we must win' tomorrow post, otherwise it could get messy post and if it gets messy too early, then I don't think there will be any stopping it from turning into an all out joke.

But if you can go, go

But, if you can go to Villa Park tomorrow but you've just decided to give this game a miss, go. I'm not saying go if it means your children don't get fed, but if it is because you can see the future and it isn't bright and you have the cash and free time, think about your decision.

You never know, the sun might shine and we might see something special. You never know.

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