Things that will happen, the transfer window and banging my head

I've read quite a lot the last few days about this season and I've also read quite a bit about next season. I've also read something this morning about falling on the sword (blame and responsibility) and I'm starting to wish for the end of the season and the transfer window.

Let me get a few things out of the way early today and to make them as clear as possible, I'm going to list them and while I'm not going to explain everything, because they really shouldn't need explaining, I might explain one or two.

  • This season was written off the day Martin O'Neill walked out just before the start
  • Nobody currently at the club is to blame
  • When Gerard Houllier leaves he should be thanked and if he decides to take a seat upstairs, that decision should be supported. I say it should be supported because it could very well be part of the plan, just fast forwarded and if he decides to do it and the new manager comes in and agrees to join on that basis, then who are we to question the validity of either positions or decisions?
  • Unless a series of events manage to all happen over the next two weeks that haven't ever happened in the Premier League, we are not going to be relegated and we were never going to be relegated.

Things that will happen

This weekend will see us get three points and this weekend will see us secure our place in the league. Two weeks after the season has ended (this is speculation based on something I read yesterday suggesting this will be when Houllier makes his decision) Aston Villa will name the new manager and I wouldn't be surprised if he was French or Spanish, I'd be very surprised if he was English and I might even be quite happy if he was Scottish.

Transfer window opens very soon

That was me blowing my top. There is little else going on and I find myself desperately hoping for he transfer window.

For those that didn't know, the transfer window opens at midnight on May 22nd and I fancy Gerard Houllier has already handed a list to the board of the players he wanted and I also fancy that we might even have one or two in the bag and are probably very close to another one or two.

I could also be completely wrong on this but the appointment of the next manager will tell us if there really was a plan, but again, if my speculating on speculation happens to be true (I know it is slim) we don't know for another five weeks.

But, just because I'm starting to bang my head, I'm going to start looking for rumours again. I'm not going to look at players potentially leaving - only players potentially coming in. The window is close and I do get a little excited at this time of the year and because we don't really know what is going to happen this one, I'm even more excited.

Some news

The Fonz is back and here is your video of the day and I'll apologise now if I've annoyed anyone, but sometime we do get too carried away with things and I cam to blame sometimes, but it is getting a little out of hand now.