Thirteen days and Fantasy Premier League game

In less than two weeks, the season starts in Bournemouth and things seem like they are ready. Naturally, there is still some speculation and the manager himself has suggested more business could be happening, but things feel good, don't they?

I know we can feel like this at the start of each season, but this one seems different. I think a lot has to do with the players brought in, the performances and results but also the manager and the owners.

And with the Australian tour now behind us, we have Rennes next Saturday before the season starts. All things are looking quite exciting.

But this post isn't about pre-season or the season ahead, it's about a league I've created at the Fantasy Premier League. Anyone can join the league by clicking this link and as an incentive to play, the winner of the league will get to join Luke Roper in his box for a match the following season.

We're also going to have some spot prizes through the season, although I've not nailed those down yet and to be honest, I don't know the game as I've not played it before. But if it's possible to see at the end of each month who has gained the most points, it will probably be that. I'm hoping that is possible, but if not, it might just be a monthly random draw for all participants.

Have you joined? Click here to join The Villa Blog fantasy football game and for clarification, I will be closing the league from new entries quite soon after the season starts.