This is what it feels and West Ham tomorrow

It wasn't that I wasn't interested in the FA Cup, it was that I had a feeling that it wasn't going to go the way we would have liked and when watching, not live I have to admit as we had people round, nothing really surprised me. When I saw the team, I knew what was coming.

And it frustrates. More because a lot of us have known this was coming for a long time. If you're going to run a restaurant, it's probably a good idea to have someone in the restaurant that has run one before or not fire or get rid of all the people that have. There is only so much money you can throw into it to keep it afloat.

But you know what, that was the FA Cup and it shouldn't be where we focus. There is still a chance we can stay up. I hold my hands up and admit it's not a big chance, but if we all pull in the same direction, it's possible. And it might be made a little easier if we bring that player in today that can win us games. And that might happen too, we'll know soon enough.

West Ham

But the focus really should be on the match tomorrow. Three points tomorrow would be massive and it will have me believing that we've got a fighting chance. Defeat or a point will have me hitting the bottle and I know I'm supposed to be off the booze for February and I can proudly tell you that I haven't yet had a drink this month, but sometimes, when things are going so bad, it's a case of having to hit the bottle, just to numb the pain.

So, while I remain hopeful that we'll get the name in to help, I think we should try to ignore today and be pleasantly surprised tomorrow morning if something does happen. And we should go into tomorrow with hope, even though West Ham are 23 points better off than us.

Song of the day with new lyrics

“This is what it feels to be Villa, this is what feels to be small, this is what it feels like when your Chairman spends nothing at all ...”