Three new players, no new kit and England

Did I write something the other day about entering summer? I could go back and read about it, but instead l'll just write on and I'll start with three players joining. One of which I know about, the other two, no idea.

So we'll start with Ross Barkley who is back in claret and blue. And he was decent before, not great, but with Unai, I think he can make a step up with us. And he's maybe not Douglas Luiz, but I think he can be as good, if not better. He's not a long term purchase, but he has bags of experience, is skilled and he's one of those players that I think gets better with age.

It's nice to have him back and if he can stay injury free, he's going to be a very good player for us.

The other two to join are Samuel Iling-Junior and Enzo Barrenechea and I have to confess, I know nothing. But both join from Juventus and you have to fancy that if they've spent time with Juve, then they will have something about them.

Iling-Junior is actually English and spent his youth career at Chelsea before moving to Italy. He played 36 games for them over two seasons and plays as a full back / winger. Enzo on the other hand only played three times for Juve before spending last season on loan at Frosinone. 

Both come with a clean slate and I for one am optimistic. That's it on all things Aston Villa and I'm still waiting to see the new kit, but it's not a post without something on England. So here goes.

And I have to start with the match the other night and thank lady luck. And I'm not writing this having a pop at the manager, you make luck and Gareth got lucky. Luck does run out though, but it's also important to write that it can take time for things to start to work.

We've looked poor this entire tournament and we are going to start looking good at some stage. I think now could be our time. But the manager has some tough decisions to make and only time will tell us if he can make them.

And this is going to read a little strange, but I think we can win this entire thing. I think we have the best squad of the eight sides left and I think as long as those tough decisions are made and players are allowed to, as best as possible, play in the positions that they are used to playing in, the natural talent and ability of those players will get us over the line.

And I'm sticking my neck out here, but I'd drop Kane and put Bellingham into the holding role alongside Rice. Kane hasn't played at this level for a season and he's off the pace a little, dropping too far back to pick up balls.

I'd score in his role for Bayern in Germany and I think we need one of the other strikers up there, if the manager is going to play with one up. But if he starts with one of the others, you watch Kane come on five minutes into the second half if things are not working out, not on 89 minutes.

Bellingham on the other hand is a natural midfielder, not a number 10 or at least that is what I believe. Sure, this season he's played higher up, but in Germany he didn't.

Foden on the other hand is a natural number 10 and has shone this season in the Premier League. I mean no disrespect to Real Madrid or the Spanish league, but a little like the German league, it's not the same as the Premier League and we have a player that is doing it on a regular basis in the Premier League and he should be allowed to do it in this competition.

And I think there will be changes for Saturday night. But I suspect it will be formation. I don't think Gareth has it in him to upset people. And I think that is the cruz of the problem with him. I think he's too nice and I think there is too much emphasis on everyone feeling liked. 

And that is why he was good with the U21s. At this level, you can't be friends with the players, you have to get them singing a tune and I just think that's hard when you are friends with everyone. All that said, we do have the best squad and we have created a little luck. That might be enough. 

With the right manager, we should have won last time and we certainly can in two years time. I hope we do it this time, but I think we'll need a little more than just luck and I'm not sure Southgate has it in him, but I hope I'm wrong.