Three players gone, loads to come in, honestly, it has to happen

Stuart Taylor, before going on loan last season, had a squad number. That means we've lost three so far and our little list to the right only has a 'coming soon' for players in. We might be a little think on the ground at the moment, but they are coming.

Today we are linked with a 30 year old German goalkeeper who will surely only be brought in as third choice so even if he comes he probably won't play for us, not with little Brad sitting on the bench and seen very firmly as our second choice. But, if it does happen, he will get listed.

But signings are coming. I know that is fairly weak, but they will come, but when? Well, I fancy we are going to see players come fairly soon because our pre-season starts next week and we've got our first match in just over three. This isn't a dig at Martin O'Neill, but surely he isn't going to wait until August to bring in players?

What I mean is, the players need to come in and have a full pre-season with the other players. What is the point otherwise? We need three players just to break even and we need more to strengthen the team for our European campaign and clearly more for our league campaign so while it might be a little frustrating at the moment, they have to come.

Which then gets me thinking about quality and I fancy we'll get some quality and some squad players. I fancy Defour and Bentley are nailed on and I wouldn't be surprised if one or two others that we've been linked to come also.

So for today, we have German keeper, but that is about it. Martin O'Neill, as we speak is on the phone talking to people and trying to deals, it is happening and it will be happening soon. It has to.