Time to show the love: Well, it's Thursday, where is Christian Benteke?

I don't want to sound like I'm speaking to stupid people, but it's Thursday and Benteke is still an Aston Villa player. Judging by some of the reactions I saw on Twitter to a story with no quotes and factual innacuracies, many thought he was gone today.

But I think there is something far more important to talk about; nobody has made a bid for him and all this after handing in a transfer request. You watch what happens when Rooney or Suarez hand in a transfer request; bids will be made the day after. But nothing for our Benteke. Am I the only one that thinks this strange?

I think the cause of this is his agent and I think everyone should show a little bit of love to Benteke. I think his agent is seeing the opportunity for more money and isn't factoring in what is best for his client.

So, rather than take the piss or abuse him on Twitter, I think people should show Benteke a little love because if it is his agent that has poorly advised him, then it would clearly be best if he saw that Aston Villa supporters wanted him to stay.

Benteke is at training today and he remains an Aston Villa player. He should be shown the love and he should know how much he is wanted at Aston Villa; none of the muck that has gone on of late that is only going to convince him that leaving is the right thing to do, even though no team has made an offer.

His agent has led him down the wrong path and it's time for Aston Villa supporters to show him the right one. There is a chance and it exists, it's up to Aston Villa supporters if they want to take it.

Christian Benteke of Aston Villa should be shown the love