Fake Doctor, too easy, news from the last week and the deluded

It's Sunday and England are about to kick-off so I thought I'd write a post to criticise the owner. I mean, he's got it coming right? Talk is he's asking for £40mn for a minority stake. Offer him £100mn and you can have the entire Club.

I don't mean to sound like I told you so, but I did write a few weeks ago that he's got to be realistic in what the Club is worth now. It might have been worth what he paid for it, but under his stewardship, it's not now worth more. It's probably worth £40mn and that is what he's looking to take in for a minority holding.

I should also say that this is all just speculation. Like I've written before, I could be wrong about our owner and he could really be a billionaire and he really could be the only Chinese billionaire to be having problems getting 'his' money out of China. He could be.

But lets not delude ourselves and we shouldn't pretend.

New stories every day about money owed. More stories about his doctorate. I mean, can you get a doctorate in landscape gardening? Surely, that can't be true and here was me thinking I'd want to be around Tony if I had a heart attack. Hell, I didn't know I'd want him around to cut my grass.

But again, that's all speculation and I shouldn't mock. My doctorate cost me $400 and I'm very proud of it. Okay, I'll stop it. Because we only have ourselves to blame. Okay, not all of us.

Aston Villa news from the past week

So, England are now 2-0 and I'm opening up my Google news feed to learn about what has been written this week and so I can comment, it's another list.

  • 32 Red are back! Okay, this is news, but it's basically the same company. 32Red and Unibet are both owned by Kindred. So it's not really news. But we will be having some special prices from 32Red because of this and I'll be sharing them.
  • We are going to play Yeovil Town in the first round of the League Cup. Oh how the mighty have fallen. What round do we start the FA Cup in?
  • Jack Grealish is joining Spurs or Liverpool. Or maybe even Chelsea where they will offer him back to us for one more season.
  • Jack Grealish is going nowhere and he wants to stay at Aston Villa. Well, he's already a multi-millionaire so why does he need more money when he truly does love the Club and wants to help the Club achieve the success he knows is rightly ours?
  • Alan Hutton signs for another season. I gotta tell you, he's taken so much stick from supporters online. Yes, I'm pointing the fingers. This is something that should be applauded every single time he walks onto the pitch. Always given 100%.
  • Owner provides £5mn for Club to survive for one more month. I'd question the journalist that broke this story. I mean, how would a reporter get access to bank records to confirm this? All things point to John Percy at the Telegraph and if I didn't suspect better, I'd not be surprised if he published that story as a favour to someone for some positive PR. I mean, it's basically someone telling him this and that raises the question, why is someone telling him this?

It's now 4-0

Lingard and Stones have scored again, while I'm writing this. This is starting to get a little silly. A goal every ten minutes. If we keep this up, everyone in England will believe we're going to win the World Cup and we all know what happens when we start to believe!

Anyway, it's a new post. It's a new day. Three lions and all that.

Video of the day

Now it's 5-0

This is almost too easy. Another penalty and now the talk will all be about Harry Kane winning the World Cup golden boot. We have to go for double figures right?