Torres in, message from Young, what's next?

There should be a new post when a new player signs and while I know little about this player, the manager has worked with him before and he's also a first team regular for Spain. New post worthy I think.

And just to get it out of the way, I actually don't feel sad for Mings or Konsa, who were both fantastic last season. They should want the best for Aston Villa and competition for places is good and having cover is also very important.

But they did do well last season, both of them. But this is a sign of progress for Aston Villa on many fronts. 

And dare I say it, we might end up playing a lot of games next season, it would be nice if we had cover and support so a player of equal quality can come in that knows the system and way of working. Feels a little like Pau Torres ticks a lot of boxes. 

But that's not the only news today. It was confirmed yesterday that Ashley Young has signed for Everton and I have to tell you, I was still a little surprised.

Granted, he's old enough to have grand children, but what did Ashley Young do wrong on the pitch last season and as cover for Cash are we going to get as good? I'm not convinced and I would have liked to see him stay another season. I thought that was going to happen, much like it did the summer before.

But it wasn't just what happened on the pitch. Talk has it he was influential off it too. It's just talk, so you don't know, but there was something about him that oozed respect. You can't buy respect and it often comes with age and it just feels to me like it could be a missed opportunity.

That said, this manager has done nothing wrong since joining and I doubt this will be wrong at the end of the day. We all liked Ashley Young and I'm sure he'll get a great reception at Villa Park next month. 

And I've just realised there was no post for Youri Tielemans when he signed, so I guess we can consider this a post about him too. Decent player for Leicester and worked hard and feels like he can play more than one role in the middle of the park and that's not a bad thing to have.

What's next?

So, two quality players in and I suspect there is room for one or two more and I write that with you lot knowing I don't like disruption and too many changes. But I sense it's happening.

I also sense a player or two might be on his way. I'm not saying out out, maybe loan out. But it could be both.

I hope that Archer gets to stay and I suspect he will because we need so many homegrown players in our squad for Europe or I think we do, am I right? If it is, that means, for me anyway and because it feels like we play with one striker, we wont be getting someone new up front. If we do, it means someone is going out on loan and that means Duran.

I do think though that the manager will want more attacking options. It feels a little like we saw a lot of everyone last season under this manager and I don't think he has his preferred choice. I think we might be seeing someone else come in that he's seen a lot of in the past and I'd not be surprised if it's a player that plays out wide.

And that is where a lot of the speculation is at the moment too. I think we'll find out quite soon. What a time to be an Aston Villa fan!