Transfer window meltdown, someone called Idrissa Gueye and Fabian Delph

I've been away from home this week and I'm currently waiting on a flight cancellation to get me home as I've ended up at the wrong airport and to top it all off, supporters seem to be melting down because of something ClubCall have written about Manchester City wanting Delph.

What has happened in the last week that all of a sudden we start to believe what we read on ClubCall? Has the world gone heatwave mad and to top it all off, the last person I seem to recall speaking about the future of Fabian Delph at Aston Villa, was Fabian Delph.

And we'll get to what Delph said in January but before that; pre-season starts on Monday and there is talk that Idrissa Gueye is having a medical, after agreeing a deal, as I write this. I can't for the life of me imagine someone Tweeting that out unless it was true, so I'm going to believe it. I believe what I read on Twitter see.

For those that don't know and I was one of them, Gueye is a 25 year old defensive midfielder that plays for Lille. That's all Wikipedia is telling me and you know what, these days I prefer to form opinions of a player in their second season, so let's wait and see. However my new default position is positive optimism; what else?

Aston Villa Captain Fabian Delph

What was it Delph said?

I am a loyal person and committing my future will hopefully show everybody what type of guy I am. I feel like this is me - I love the club, I love being here and I want to put 100% into everything I do here. This is my club and I want to be here. That's why I am committing my future.

Hopefully it will give everyone a bit of a lift and show the fans that we are looking to do big things here and bring excitement back to the club. We want to get through this season, do well and I feel the up-and-coming years will be big. There was no way I was going to bail out. I am here for the long run.

The fans have been the same. I am sure they will stick with us, help us get through this season and then looking into the future, it looks promising to me.

Fabulous Delph Club Captain

I've bolded the key words or phrases above. Delph would be a laughing stock, despite the more money, if he back tracked on this. It's just not something you do, even though players have done it in the past and players will do it in the future. There is something honest about Delph and while it may just be my default position, I don't think he'll do it.

And yes, stranger things have happened at sea, or in airport lounges. I'm starting to panic now. I'm off, but wait for Delph to come out and say something. That's all we need.