Two chances down, third one coming for Paul Lambert at Aston Villa

You'll say or think I'm wrong with this post, but I'm writing it anyway, because there are really strong rumours that Aston Villa are about to sign Carlos Sánchez from Elche CF.

And I'm not writing this because I don't like the player, the truth is I know very little about the player, like most everyone else I imagine (I don't count watching the World Cup or a few YouTube videos as knowing).

I'm writing it because it just feels like we're adding players for the sake of adding players, hoping to get lucky, rather than developing what was good enough last summer, the summer before or the players that were already at the club.

You can accept, to an extent, the manager wanting to make changes when he first took over the job, but every summer just adding more players and losing more players, isn't good for continuity, for the football or the players.

When Lambert took over, he brought in eight players that provided nothing in terms of real progress, although we will all agree that Vlaar and Benteke are players we'd like to keep for a long time.

My point is, of the eight players only really two have worked out (even if we all thought Lowton worked out in his first season). And some players that were already at the club were just discarded.

Last summer he brought in another seven players, three of which have already gone and none of them helped make the football better or the results better. We needed continuity last summer, didn't get it and it showed.

This summer, it appears we're doing the same. My hope is that Roy Keane has more of an impact on the football than we could have hoped. I also hope that he suggests we spend some time on corners, set plays and believe it or not, throw ins. I know it's the basics, but I've not seen a team for a while be so poor at the basics.

Carlos Sánchez who?

But another reason for this post, before I get to my main point, is that nobody really knows that much about the player that we're speculated to be bringing in. Sure, we all watch a bit of Spanish football and we all watched the World Cup, but hand on heart, not that many really know much about this player.

But everyone is getting excited. Is it because he played in Spain? Is it just because we don't know.

I don't think we should get too carried away. The manager has signed a lot of players and only two have shown to be of the quality that I'd have liked him to have signed. I'm not going to get my hopes up about a 28 year old midfielder, even if I'd love him to turn out to be the best signing the manager has made.

Football first

And the main reason I'm not getting excited is because he has more often than not, signed players that are not good enough for his style of football. I don't think any player he has signed has come from a club that plays football sitting deep and hitting it long on the counter. In other words, I can understand why they've not succeeded.

And I know I bang this drum more than any other drum, but it's the football we've got to focus on and if we get that right, all will be right. And the thing that worries me the most is that I don't think he is focusing on the football and that is why I'm sticking with my October date.

If he was working on the football we play, he'd find that we have the quality in the squad that means he doesn't need to spend €2mn on a defensive midfielder. And buying a defensive midfielder only goes to point to how we're going to play next season.

Lambert has had his first and second chance. This is his third and he's got to get it right. And, you know what, I want him to. I really do.