Two cows on top of a hill, one called Paul, one called Randy

Have you heard the story of the young bull and the old bull on top of a hill looking down at thirty cows? The young bull says to the old bull, let's get down their quickly and get ourselves a cow. The old bull replies that why not walk down and have them all.

It goes something like that anyway. My point is, we identified someone, moved quickly with an audacious offer, but were unsuccessful. It happens and we move on. It was nice that the club were thinking that way and were willing to be bold.

As for the offer and before someone gets technical on me, maybe we didn't make an actual offer in writing, but what we maybe did was 'indicate that you can or will take the job and we'll get something to you'. Or that is how I'm going to think about it anyway.

We're not the only club looking for a manager

But to my story. Liverpool are also looking for a manager at the moment and while we moved quickly and did all that we could to get someone in, it didn't work. We now need to sit back and take our time. Pre-season doesn't start for a while and we have time and watching what Liverpool do will be help.

It will help, because we are in the same boat as them. They're not a top four club anymore and unless they spend a serious amount of cash this summer, they're not going to be a top four club next season either - we are going after the same managers and if the vision is true and honest, we can do better.

But is it true and honest?

I read something yesterday from Carlos Cuellar that the issues at the club are political and if that is the case, they need to be fixed. I wouldn't be surprised if they were though as the culture at the club is all wrong on so many levels and we can't blame Lerner for that. That is an internal thing and he isn't there often enough.

So it does start to make you worry, but what will happen over the next few days or weeks will be the indicator. Change is needed and if that doesn't happen it almost doesn't matter who the club appoint but don't expect it to move to quickly. If it does it may very well feel like the criteria for a new manager was the same as the one we had last summer.