Two weeks today, Tony Xia on Twitter and Carles Gil

It may seem like a lot is happening at Aston Villa to some, but it doesn't to me. That and as I'm doing my best to not comment on club PR or media speculation, is why the posts are not as often these days, But, it appears I do have something to write about; the owner on Twitter.

Now, it's nice if you like that kind of thing. The owner talking isn't actually something that bothers me that much and I'm fairly sure this will end in tears. And what I'm seeing is very much a train wreck about to happen, so I guess it wont be long before we start to see initials at the end of each message.

And that isn't anything on the owner, his intentions are good, but social media is a Friday night pub just all the time. And while I love the tweets telling us that Ayew and Amavi are staying, those tweets also make me nervous for him. If they leave now, that's it for the owner on social media - he'll never come back from that.

Some other stuff

Carles Gil has joined Deportivo La Coruna on a season long loan deal and I guess we all wish him well. He has something, but we didn't play his way and with players like him, you need to play to his strengths and we've never been good playing to the strengths of players like him and he's no Juan Mata.

And with the season kicking off in two weeks, that is when we will really know if all these decisions were the right ones. But there is a pre-season match later and you can < watch it live here. But because the club are making it free, it probably means it is free on the internet without having to register.

Right, that is it for me today. I've got my daughter wanting to go to the beach and I've got my shorts on. Someone let me know in the comments what the score is later.