United at Villa Park tomorrow, another new player and more changes

It's been a different few days. We've signed a couple of proper players in Philippe Coutinho and Lucas Digne and we've lost at Old Trafford and most would agree that we really didn't deserve to. It's not what I'm used to writing or even thinking when it comes to Aston Villa.

And we will probably get to see one of those players tomorrow and we also get a chance to put it right against Manchester United. And I don't like writing this next part, but we need to, because Steven Gerrard has lost the last three.

And I have a good feeling about it. Manchester United were very fortunate to win the other day and at Villa Park, I think we're going to have too much for them even though I expect them to be a little stronger tomorrow.

But with new players coming in, it also means a little disruption to the team. Fortunately, this has happened very early for the manager so he's building and the disruption will be kept to a minimum. That said, it looks like Matty Targett is now second choice and I've always likes Matty Targett and I don't think he's ever not put in 100% and I believe he has the aptitude to get better.

And maybe it's just my age, but I like to think that it is the job of the manager. But it's too easy to just buy the finished package these days and maybe at 26, Targett is too old to try and make better. I don't think that is the case, but maybe it is in the world of Premier League football.

We also saw yesterday Anwar El Ghazi head to Everton and I don't know how I feel about this. I don't think he's good enough for Aston Villa right now but I've always thought he was going to get better for us. But maybe 26 is the age that you know or maybe for Steven Gerrard, he'd seen enough. But El Ghazi did give us some nice memories and maybe enough is enough.

I hope he gets a run at Everton and shows us all that he is worthy of a number at Aston Villa. But if that happens, even though we're a bigger Club, he'll probably want to stay where he's playing. Time will tell.

And on that, time for me to get going today. Back tomorrow.