Unlucky against Manchester United and the future is bright

Yesterday was tough. Tough because if things had gone our way and we had just a little luck, we'd have had a chance or two go in and the free kick that led to the Manchester United corner wouldn't have been awarded, because there was no contact.

Tough also because this isn't exactly a Manchester United side anyone fears and they're not even the best side in their City. 

But it was better than the Chelsea match and you all know I like to see progress. We're also still fifth place in the League, just a point behind Spurs in fourth. And lets not forget, this is the best we've had in a generation at Villa Park.

It's certainly not as bad as some are making out. But in fairness, they're not really making out it's that bad, they're just frustrated. 

So I say, lets brush ourselves off, pick ourselves up and carry on. We've got a couple of fixtures coming up you'd think we have a good chance in and while the likes of Spurs and Manchester United will think the same, we've all got to win them and I think having this week to put things in order, will help.

There are also still fourteen games to go and 42 points to play for and I have every bit of trust that Unai Emery knows exactly what he is doing and knows also what has to happen for us to finish as strong as possible.

And it could be a lot worse. We could still have Steven Gerrard in the job and his win one in three approach or his bestie making plans that were not properly thought through.

So, this is just a short post to remind you that it's actually not that bad at the moment and we were unlucky yeterday.