Unlucky not to beat Manchester United and Chelsea on Wednesday

So, it is what it is and I'm happy with most things about yesterday. I'm not happy with the disallowed goal though. Am I the only one? Jack was going in the opposite direction of the ball and I thought that meant something.

But I'm also disappointed that we didn't win. And that is a different feeling. It's not often you leave Old Trafford disappointed you didn't win. I think that says a lot about supporting Aston Villa at the moment.

And were El Ghazi able to finish the 90 minutes, I have a feeling we might have won and that sort of leads me on to the thing I want to write about today. Am I the only one that doesn't understand Trézéguetat?

I should also write that I firmly believe it takes time for a player to learn this League. I'm not trying to be negative, but when he does get the ball, he doesn't seem to offer that much. And for me, the important part is when I write about him getting the ball. Often there are passes that he just doesn't get onto and it for me it looks like he's just not quick enough to get there or think about what is happening next.

And that is why I believe he needs time. I also don't think he would have seen more than 10 minutes yesterday had El Ghazi not got injured, so there is no blame and I'm not suggesting that they don't know what they're doing. And it's hard to come into a game to early when you're not up to pace, but things didn't seem to get better.

But there are glimpses of him getting into the right position that enable you to see there is something there. I hope it gets better soon and he doesn't go the route of Jota for me.

But happy and disappointed. Now onto Wednesday. It should be fun and we have a chance. Dean Smith interview from yesterday below.