Updated chart, beating Everton and Chelsea on Wednesday

I know it's a little geeky but I like my chart. Look at it below and you'll see why. And I know we are only five games in but if this was after 37 games, we'd be very happy and I just like to know. In a few weeks, I'll be able to put in a trend line also, not that I think it will help but it might look nice.

That said, wasn't the result against Everton fantastic and dare I say it, a second half performance that we'd like to see a little more often. And by that I mean, we tend to not have two good halves and that costs us.

But after a victory, it's a nice problem to have and as long as things continue to get better, we have no reason to complain. I for one am happy and looking forward to Wednesday and have nothing bad to say or write or even to think about.

But there are some things that deserve a mention from the weekend. Matty Cash for one and I want to believe this has something to do with the manager and how we set about to exploit Everton. In fact unless I am told otherwise that is what I'm going to believe. For me, he was man of the match.

And that wasn't even though for me to write but I suspect some will pick Bailey for the impact and you know what, give me a beer for lunch today and I might just change my mind. Things are good and nobody is going to be wrong today.

A look to Wednesday

I don't want to spend too much time on Everton because the performance and result says all that needs to be said. But Wednesday on the other hand is something that we can talk about. And it's Chelsea and it's the perfect example of needing two halves. If we had managed two halves of football against Chelsea, then we might have got something out of it last time out.

I'm not saying we would have beaten Chelsea. I'm saying we might have got something. That said, Chelsea I suspect will be taking this competition seriously and I suspect we wont me taking it as seriously. But what do I know, it could be the opposite and we might walk away in with three points. We'll know more on Wednesday evening. Until then, the chart.

The chart

Aston Villa this season versus last versus prediction