We all want to change the world: Things that didn't happen and things that shouldn't

Well, the dust has settled and it turns out Stephen Ireland didn't get subbed for telling the manager something he shouldn't and there is no unrest in the dressing room. We know this because of all people, Stilyan Petrov, has come out defending him.

So, if the captain comes out defending him, it has to be true. It doesn't matter that Stephen Ireland told him twice to do one and that Charles N'Zogbia sadly admitted that he was unhappy playing football, for the first time in his career, under this manager. There is nothing wrong and the players are happy.

But just because the players are happy, doesn't mean all is good. Could it be that Petrov is just happy picking up his money, saying all the right things, hoping for a new contract? I know that is a very cynical way to look at things, but they are naturally going to be happier after Houllier.

Houllier had them training in the afternoon. Houllier had a much stricter regime and Houllier quickly identified the players that were not going to cut it at Aston Villa and was working on getting them out and new players coming in.

If my work load was cut in half, I'd be much happier too and I'd say all the right things supporting the man that made my life easier. The thing is, it isn't supposed to be easy. Actions and all that.

But you know what, the saddest thing about all of this isn't that we are stuck with a third rate manager (I'd class him second rate if he had a record of keeping teams in the Premier League) or the football is hard to watch, it's that the people at the club seem to accept that this is okay.

Aston Villa news in sixty seconds

So, leaving what didn't happen behind, we go to a quick fire few paragraphs and we start with the news that the Macron news is confirmed and this is good news. The deal with Nike was never anything special - it really wasn't people - but now we do have something that is special and talk is you'll be able to buy the shirt in June!

There is talk of a protest coming up and I know this will fall on deaf ears, but don't get involved. Instead, just don't go. That is the easiest way and the biggest form of protest. The easiest and most effective way to protest is to not turn up and leave the seat empty. They can only give away so many free tickets.

And that is it I think for news, unless I dig out something about a programme award or Valentines Day dinner at the club and I'm not going to.

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