We deserved it too, five goals and look around us

Sorry there was no match post on Saturday. The previous morning, while staying at an Airbnb in Italy, a work colleague chased a burglar out of our house. With it went my laptop and phone and some other stuff. And with no phone to login to my accounts (2FA) until this morning, I was pretty stuffed.

But that is another story for another blog. What about Saturday though? You could say you are surprised, but looking back, it has been sort of coming. We should have won more and there is a certain desire in the team to not give up.

And it was nice for Wesley to get on the scoresheet, but if someone hasn't given him a little poke today about how to take penalties, I'll do it on Twitter later, when I can login.

And overall, it was a very good performance. The team looked good. There wasn't a player for me that didn't look like he deserved to be in the side. I think it helped that Norwich wanted to give it a go too, but I think most sides in the Premier League do. It comes down to who wants it more for the most part and we wanted it more on Saturday.

And this season is a strange one. We are eight games in with eight points, but only six points from a top four place. I'm not sure, but this doesn't seem normal. And there are teams within a match of us, like Spurs and Manchester United that just go to show how tough this League is. That we have a better goal difference than the team in 6th place also speaks volumes.

And Saturday was worth a lot. It was worth the not so great start. It was worth trusting the manager and the players. It was worth more than just 5 goals. Everyone looked good and everyone deserved it. Us too.

And the goals. If you haven't seen them and if not I'd find that hard to believe, you can watch them below. I particular like the last one. More Wednesday, when my new laptop arrives.

The match