We didn't beat Forest, but that's four without defeat and time for the CEO to go

My view will be seen as somewhat extreme but there are times when you need extreme actions because doing anything else just means you're going to get more of the same. The owners need to sack Christian Purslow and find someone to take temporary charge while they find the right man.

They then need to privately tell Steven Gerrard that by November 13th, Aston Villa need to be firmly positioned in the top half of the table. With only two games in November, that could also mean we'll know if he's going to achieve that this month, but I think we'll be going into November in a good place. But that's just my opinion.

It's extreme, I know but the CEO of Aston Villa doesn't have a difficult job but this CEO has made things difficult at Aston Villa. He needs to go and everyone at the Club needs to see it happen, so everyone at the Club knows that this is an important situation, taken seriously by the owners.

Every day this doesn't happen is another day of problems. And you know what, he doesn't need the job or really care about it. He also knows he'll get another job in football. I mean what are we, his third, fourth or fifth job in football? He's a good talker.

The thing is, I'd not be surprised if Steven Gerrard was sacked and that it was a decision by the CEO, to essentially save his job.

In my view, the manager needs a little more time but if he doesn't prove himself in that time, we can't trust this CEO to find the next man. The next man should be found by the owners, in consultation with people that can consult them properly.

What that is done, Steven Gerrard then needs to drop Coutinho and allow Buendia the freedom behind the front one or two and he's got to accept he got it wrong. We can't afford a player like Coutinho in these times and if he hasn't figured that out, we're in more trouble than I imagined.

I'm not saying dropping Coutinho means we will win, what I am saying is that we're not getting what we need from him and someone else needs a chance.

It's going to be a tough few days.