Weekend banker bet: Aston Villa to beat Wigan

I know - someone is going to say that we shouldn't expect three points but I think we should be able to demand it. If Alex McLeish can not manage three points against Wigan, if the manager is booed off the Villa Park pitch at ninety minutes and is sacked a few minutes later, nobody will be disappointed.

If he didn't get three points and resigned on TV - I'd have utmost respect for him because there can not be any excuses if he doesn't manage to get three points. It is Wigan - a team that always flirts with relegation and will do again this season.

And that is the reason why us beating Wigan is the banker bet of the weekend - put your mortgage on it and if it doesn't come in, don't be surprised at whatever happens as a result.

Aston Villa news

There isn't really news, so I'm making a list instead.

  • Darren Bent is fit again and will be playing tomorrow
  • Everything seems to have calmed down around Gabby
  • Alex McLeish has opened up the Villa Park doors for a training session. He hasn't really, but he needs all the good publicity he can get
  • Alex McLeish has created a cure for the common cold. No he hasn't - but it would be good publicity for him
  • FIFA 12 is out and my Playstation name is kingoffifadotcom - I'll beat anyone, apart from Alex McLeish

I'm probably missing loads of news, but nothing is jumping out at me and nothing is getting me excited. But I do want three points this weekend and I sort of expect it. Am I wrong?