What's in store for August and FA Cup or England win?

As you know, I'm not a big fan of the internationals but it's hard to not get a little excited because of how much quality we have. And it's not just a smattering, we could probably field three sides in one of these tournaments and each of them would probably do quite well.

But I am glad it's over even though I'm starting to learn that following England is very important. There was a poll yesterday that had more people wanting an England win than your team winning the FA Cup. There was nearly 7,000 votes. It's baffling.

And even though I hoped we'd win yesterday it doesn't bother me that much that we didn't. It does mean, for me anyway, that Southgate has to go and not just because of the way he treated Grealish or the mistakes he made, but because he really does have some of the best players of a generation and he's not winning the matches that count.

We should have won yesterday and we should have done better in the World Cup. Nothing has changed from the post I wrote before the tournament started and I'm glad I wrote that then, because this isn't me reacting, it's me just reiterating.

And even though I don't think you should send a 19 year old to take the fifth penalty even if the 19 year wants to take it, he is the manager and he has to take responsibility for the decisions he makes. Bottom line, in a penalty shoot out, it's not what happens in training, it's experience that counts. The training is for everyone, but when it comes to taking the five penalties, it's experience that should be the deciding factor, not what happens on FIFA 21.

Don't get me wrong, Southgate is a lovely fella, but that is the crux of the problem for me and it should be about having a single formation and going out to win every game by scoring as many goals as possible. And he's had two chances and failed.

Someone else should get a chance with this great group of players because we've had two easy runs and failed and I suspect we're not going to be so lucky next time so there is little point in giving him another go. I know it's harsh and probably wont go down well today, but it was written before the tournament, it's just me saying it again.

Season starts in just over a month

So now that that is written, it's time to focus on what is really important and it's Aston Villa and with the season starting in just over a month, I fancy we're going to see one more player come in and I think it's going to be a good one.

By good one, I mean season, not player. I have no doubt the player will be up to the job but like with all new players, he will need time and that goes for the players brought in, probably less for Ashley Young as he should be familiar with the place and because of his experience.

That said, our August fixtures are Watford away, then Newcastle followed by Brentford at home. Is it just me or is hoping for 9 points something that sounds realistic?

Right, that is it for today. I'm expecting Jack to sing a new contract this week and everyone to be happy and maybe news of that other signing and please, no more after that.