When will football be back again, sad news and an opportunity

I had a great post written for the Chelsea match, one of the best. But with that not happening I let it slip and it seems like it will just have to remain in the unpublished archive. Maybe I'll get to it this season, but I'm not sure. And I'm not that bothered to be honest.

But first, an explanation for my absence. I cam down with a cold last week, then fever and cough. I got better at the weekend and have every intention of making a post, then the day after it came back. I've still got it, but I'm getting action on my to do list done.

And you know how I struggle with posts when there isn't football, so we've got to look at what's happening around us. First, it was very sad news about Peter Whittingham yesterday. 35 years old is no age and he was such a great player. You know what I mean by great. I always liked him at Villa and he was part of a group of players that offered so much potential.

And the sad part done, it's time to figure out if the season is over or not. I don't think anyone expected the football to be back for April 3rd and I think for football to be back for the end of April, it's only going to be behind closed doors and it's going to mean the Club getting all their players isolated pretty much right now.

I don't think the Clubs can do that either. I mean, they can, they have the people and the resources, but to get this done by the end of April, you're going to have to ask your players to leave their families for over four months today, to be sure none of your players get the virus. Or you take the first team squad to the local hospital now for some PR shots and keep them together for a few days, make sure they get it, but that should give them plenty of time to be fit for football at the end of next month.

And if you do that, they can end the season. But I am not sure they're thinking the right way or if they really want to end the season. I'm also fairly certain that a lot of people actually in the game don't want to be working over the summer, they want to be on the beach and relaxing. And you know what, these people shouldn't be expected to work through the summer, they're too good for that.

It's a strange time and while football is important and all that and I want to see the season finished, I'm also quite intrigued by what's happening around us right now. Things are never going to go back to the way they were. It's different forever now. But we still need to end the season somehow.

Me, I'd be happy if we just pulled the plaster off quickly. The fairest way I see is that the season is voided. Nobody wins anything and nobody loses anything. Announce it, get it done and we can move on. It might not be fair to Liverpool and it might not be fair to every side on the verge of promotion, but it's not fair for all of them. For me, it's about getting it done. If we don't do it this way, it's just uncertainty. I mean, nobody expected the football to be back for April 3rd, so why announce that. They've announced the end of April and that is a bit of a stretch. Do this and we can all move on.

But if they do or they don't, this is an opportunity for Aston Villa, but it looks like they're not interested in taking it. It looks like, because we know actions speak louder than words, that the Club are sticking with Dean Smith. Because they haven't said anything, that is what we have to assume. So with that known, it's now our job to get behind the team. But it's also the managers job to sort out the football and the heads of the players.