Where has the bright future gone Randy Lerner?

It is becoming clear that our owner is not going to do anything about the dire position we find ourselves in and I'd like to go so far as to suggest he doesn't understand and probably thinks that things will get better because he got a letter from Sir Alex - the same Sir Alex that publicly supported Steve Kean the other day by handing him three points.

The thing is, we all know, without a shadow of doubt that Blackburn will not win anything with Steve Kean and will quite possibly be relegated. Where has the drive an ambition gone from our owner? Did our owner honestly really ever have any to begin with or was he just here for what he could get out of it?

I want to believe that the owner has a plan that doesn't focus on us financing his life. I want to believe that he wants success at Aston Villa. I can also see why they are sticking with Alex McLeish - even if they are starting to accept that it was the wrong choice to begin with, but I want to believe that Randy Lerner is big enough to admit when he made a mistake.

This isn't a new mistake or a revelation - people protested at him coming and others wrote and spoke about the type of football we were going to get with him and predicted exactly where we find ourselves.

I want to believe Randy Lerner has respect for Aston Villa. What was that slogan he came up with; proud history, bright future. Now is the time to prove it because he has stained our history and we have little future to look forward to.

I want to believe those things, because if they are true, then Randy Lerner has to get rid of Alex McLeish and he has to appoint someone with a clear footballing philosophy that isn't stuck in the 80's and for the clearest proof that that is the case at Aston Villa - look to the football Swansea played against us the other night. They are so far ahead of us, it is scary and they managed all that, plus promotion in a season.

No new players please

I've written so many times over the years about the important of our academy system and the need for as many Aston Villa academy players to be playing for the first team, I don't think I need to go over old ground - but I am going to summarise it.

Having the core of the first team as players that have come through the ranks and are playing for the club and not just a pay check is a proven tactic used by all the big clubs throughout Europe. Strengthening that core with two, three or four players from outside is better than having nine or ten players from the outside and having one or two from our own academy. It is proven. It is a fact. Please, accept that it is the case.

Throw on top - a footballing philosophy based on possession, movement and creating space and opportunities - and you have all the ingredients for success. Then you need commitment and determination and belief. But that we can create and develop.

My point? If Randy Lerner isn't going to admit that he has made a mistake - for the love of everything that gives us hope that there is a plan - do not let this manager bring new players to the club that are going to jeopardise the development of our own players.

There is however one player he can bring in and his name is Robbie Keane and that is only because it is for a short period and we are the club he supported as a boy.

At the end of the day

I don't want to harp on about this, I really don't, but it is clear as day McLeish has to go, so if you want to hold up a red card at the next home game, do it. If you want to produce a banner and have your message seen by millions, do it. If you want some help - comment below and we will spread the news.

Is it nice? No, it isn't, but when the owner wont listen and you've tried everything else and things just keep getting worse and worse - what are we left with? The only other protest you can make is not go and that might be the easiest as so many are already doing it.