Pick the England team from League One and scrap these international breaks

Don't get me wrong, if England happened to make the semi-finals of the World Cup next summer, I'd follow and be interested. I'd even go so far as to suggest that the players selected for the match should not play for their Club the week before.

But stopping the proper football season for matches that are basically pointless, is starting to wind me up a little and I'm fed up with it.

It never used to bother me, but I've lost all interest in it now. And I think one of two things have to happen. It could be one of five by the end of the day, but for now we've just got to accept that the FA are not what they once were.

Either the team is picked by the general public on Twitter (just for fun) or the players eligible can only come from League One or lower. Think about both for a moment.

And I think we're approaching a period in the game where the international breaks will become a thing of the past and it will make things easier. Clubs are becoming bigger than the FA and why should they pay all this money for a player only for them to go and play for their country and miss out on what the Club are trying to achieve with him.

And the more we've wrapped these players up and given them all the support they have needed, the worse they have got. Since 1966, the England team has gotten progressively worse.

And put your hand on your heart for a second. Can you honestly say you wouldn't be just as happy with eleven players from League One representing the country if that meant we had proper football week in week out? I mean, it's not as if we're going to win the World Cup with our eleven best players from the Premier League, so why not have our eleven best from League One?

We could even get Mike Bassett to manage them. I mean, lets be honest, Gareth Southgate. He talks a good game and sounds older than he is, but seriously. It's just a PR appointment.

And this is how much I care about the England side. But give me one good reason why the England team should continue to get this treatment and I'll fully support the international break and everything that comes with it. It's just that I can't think of one and I also believe we'd do no worse with eleven players from League One and with that in mind, why not try something new?

A part of me thinks they'll want it more and could actually do better.

Views of a mad man?

You think it's silly to scrap the international break or you think there is a real chance that England could win the World Cup with these overpaid prima donnas and that the hair on my testicles will grow back? If you think that, then you should click here and put money on it. You'll get 20/1 on England to win the World Cup today.

I'll give you 100/1 that they wont and I'll even be so bold to say that you'd enjoy the England team more if it wasn't these muppets picked and it was players that would run through a glass wall for the shirt. Not players that fall over when they're touched up.

But that's just me and I'm only frustrated because there is no Aston Villa at the moment, even if the break has come at a good time for our tired players.

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Final thoughts

You take from the above what you want. I'll not be watching any of the international matches this week or next or whenever they are. But if things are going to change, we have to be creative and we have to have imagination. It's only then that things will get better. For sure, they're not good right now. Overpaid twats not winning.

But do you have any ideas?