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Will it be Solskjaer, will it be someone else, we have to wait to see

I don't pretend to know people in the game close to Lerner or Lerner himself. I don't pretend to know players or have sources overseas. Sure, I sometimes hear something, but like you, a lot of the time it goes on what I read and mostly what the club tell us, usually after the other club involved told us first.

I'd like to have a better relationship with the club, but I think I've burnt those bridges, but they're only burnt because of really stupid decisions they've made and because I wont sit back and lap it up. There is no openness between the club and supporters. They pretend, but they don't care, as long as you are spending your money.

Sure, deep down, Lerner wants success. He loves sport and any one that does wants to win, but he has to look after the cash first because he has responsibilities to other people and he can't just be throwing it about. If it goes out, it also has to come back in.

Where am I going with this? Well, this is the week. Or maybe it isn't. It would be nice if we were told 'we're aiming for Thursday' or 'it won't be this week', but it's a complex thing and while everything really does point to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, if anyone else is appointed now it is going to feel like second best, it might not be and we have to be prepared for that.

I see trees of green, red roses too

But this morning, I'm seeing more names. I've read something about Roberto Di Matteo, that Paul Lambert is in talks. I've also read something about how Roberto Martinez prefers us over Liverpool and that winds me up - he had is chance last year.

But, there are also lots of other managers that we might be looking at too and I do hope we continue to think away from the Premier League. There is a very serious reason why Do Matteo might not get the Chelsea job or why Abramovich is unsure and if he does get it, there is a good chance, we will see why next season.

The Premier League is a beast that can take you over if you let it and if you're not strong enough and take control of everything around you, you will not succeed. I'm not saying that someone from a Premier League club will not be successful, I'm just saying that relative success in a familiar setting doesn't guarantee success at a much bigger club and a new setting.

Finally, a point

Right, I've got to end this now and I do have a point and it is this: it isn't easy and these things take time and while everything points to Solskjaer and he had overwhelming support in the poll, it doesn't mean that because Lerner wants him it is that straightforward.

So many things could stop it from happening and even if everyone has agreed, it isn't just a handshake anymore. There are contracts that need to be written up on one side and then read on the other and then there is timing. While things seem to have broken down for Solskjaer at his end, he isn't going to want to leave under this cloud and to do that in the right way takes time.

So, while this might very well be the week, there is every chance it wont be. There is as much chance of us getting an announcement today as there is in three weeks time, so we have to roll with it and just wait to see what happens and hope they get it right and don't go easy again.

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