Win tickets for Burnley at Villa Park, Burnley yesterday and Liverpool on Tuesday

I'm starting my wine diet this afternoon with a cheeky South African red. I'll finish this, put some Italian sausages on the grill and fall asleep in front of the TV, probably the Manchester City match but if I'm lucky I'll make it to a Bourne film or something similar.

Before we get started and because I should have done this a while ago. Nobody won the tickets from Luke last time out, so this time, it's not about getting it right, it's about whoever is closest, so we have a winner today.

The competition is to guess the attendance and the score for Tuesday with a single number. Remember, there will be a winner but you can only have one guess and to make it easy for me I've created this form. You have to enter your guess in the form, not in the comments. And the format is attendance and then whatever you think the final score will be, you add to the attendance number and for every goal Aston Villa get it's 3,000 extra and for every goal Liverpool get it's 1000 extra.

So, if you think the attendance will be 40,000 and the score 3-1 to Aston Villa, if you were to guess 50,000 you would be exactly right and if you were the only one to guess that, you'd win and by winning, you'd have two tickets for Burnley at Villa Park.

Burnley yesterday

I might have written something yesterday about Buendia, I'm not sure. But what I am sure of is it's going to be very hard for Gerrard to drop Buendia for the rest of the season on that performance and the result.

I thought it funny also that we started with five at the back, much the same way that Dean Smith started the season. I'm not sure the reasoning for that, but it seemed to work. It will be interesting to see how we start against Liverpool. I don't think it will be the same, but it should be. We found a way to win and win in a way that I'm sure delighted many and I think we should stick with it.

I mean, that is just me. When something works, I tend to stick with it. There is a funny story about that and me playing golf and I can't say too much because if I do, I'll be giving away the secret and when you give away gold secrets, you forget them. When you forget them, your game becomes awful. Ever since I remembered this secret, I've not told anyone and my game has remained okay. You see, it works, so I'm not changing it.

I think if you look at all the best teams, they were not the teams that could play different ways, they were the team that you played differently for. I'm going to star the grill.

Liverpool on Tuesday

All that written, it's Liverpool on Tuesday and I think they still have a chance of winning the League and that is why this isn't going to be an easy game. I also think it's why we wont see five at the back for this game and that would be very surprising. I mean, we won with five at the back, why wouldn't we continue it.

And Manchester City have lost three this season already. I think they can lose a fourth. I think it could happen today also but wouldn't it be nice if it happened on the last day of the season against us. This wont be popular opinion, but I'd rather see Liverpool win the League than Manchester City. And if we could help that happen, it would be even better.


Use this link to submit your guess. Say thanks to Luke in the comments.